Master of Arts Program: Careers for the Information Age

Information technology continues to reshape how we live and work. Today’s knowledge-intensive economy requires professionals who understand how it can be used to build more competitive businesses and improve the world.

Why Earn a Master’s in Media and Information?

Using the latest tools and cutting-edge knowledge, we help you develop capabilities that place you at the forefront of advanced communications and media. Explore our concentrations and certificate program:

Human Computer Interaction

The HCI concentration is designed to prepare students and industry professionals for careers in user experience, interaction design, usability, and information architecture. With the pervasive use of information technology across all organizations, these qualifications are highly sought after. Classes emphasize project experience as they cover human-centered design methods, theory, and practice.
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+ Serious Game Design & Research Graduate Certificate

Our modular and flexible curriculum design allows HCI students the option to acquire a Serious Game Design and Research Certificate while working toward their MA degree. Games are increasingly used for purposes other than entertainment: to train professionals, to educate customers, and to stimulate lifelong learning.
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Media Information Management

The MIM concentration is designed for students and industry professionals, who wish to gain skills in applying new information and communication technologies in organizations. Not only will you learn about the technologies and their operation, your coursework will focus on how to use them to build sustainable organizations and implement superior competitive strategies. Many of our students become entrepreneurs and others find employment from small to very large businesses and corporations.
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+ Information Policy and Society (IPS) Cognate

The IPS cognate is designed for MA students interested in pursuing a PhD in the areas of technology policy or social impacts of new technologies. MIM students with an interest in IPS can take this cognate as an option to complete their elective credits in the MIM concentration.
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+ Management of Information Technology (MIT) Specialization

The MIT specialization is designed to provide multiple perspectives on how information and communication technology affect the workplace, and how these technologies can be implemented in effective ways. Students will train for roles in organizations where they will be designing, implementing and evaluating information and communication technology.
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