Media and Information Faculty

Ruth Shillair

Ruth Shillair

Director of Graduate Studies, Assistant Professor

FOCUS: Technology threats and impacts on individuals and organizations, building cybersecurity capacity

Michael Stern

Michael Stern

Department Chairperson

FOCUS: Information seeking and digital inequality in the context of health

Young Anna Argyris

Assistant Professor

FOCUS: Social media and social computing

Johannes M. Bauer

Quello Center Director

FOCUS: ICT governance, economics and international developments

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Jeremy Gibson Bond

Professor of Practice

FOCUS: Game design and development, emerging game hardware, independent games

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Shelia Cotten

Professor, Interim Director of MSU-Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research

FOCUS: Technology use and effects across the lifespan

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Andrew Dennis


FOCUS: Game design, 3D modeling and animation

David Ewoldsen


FOCUS: Media psychology, health communication, attitudes and persuasion

Ricardo Guimaraes

Professor of Practice

FOCUS: Visual Development, Concept Design, Keyframe Illustration, Digital Painting, Sketching

Keith Hampton


FOCUS: Information and communication technologies, social networks, democratic engagement and the urban environment.

Carrie Heeter


FOCUS: Cybermeditation, Serious Games

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Stephanie Steinhardt

Stephanie Jordan

Assistant Professor

FOCUS: Social and ethical consequences of technological development

Elizabeth LaPensée

Assistant Professor

FOCUS: The intersections of media, culture, and healing with special attention to Indigenous cultures

Hee Rin Lee

Hee Rin Lee

Assistant Professor

FOCUS: Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), robots for social good

Eduardo Nakasone

Assistant Professor

FOCUS: Development economics, applied microeconomics, agricultural economics

Casey O’Donnell

Associate Professor

FOCUS: Ethnography of game design and development

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Jenny Olson

Associate Professor

FOCUS: Information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D)

Wei Peng


FOCUS: Serious games, health communication and media effects

Emilee Rader

Associate Professor, AT&T Scholar

FOCUS: Information sharing in socio-technical systems

Rabindra Ratan

Assistant Professor

FOCUS: Socio and psychological approaches to interactive media

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Wietske Van Osch

Associate Professor

FOCUS: Collaborative innovation in online communities and social media

Rick Wash

Associate Professor

FOCUS: Social media impacts, new media research and methods

Valeta Wensloff

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Senior Academic Specialist

FOCUS: Design aesthetics and usability

Brian Winn

Associate Professor

FOCUS: Design and development of meaningful play

Susan Wyche

Associate Professor

FOCUS: Technology appropriation in non-Western societies

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