Linked MA-PHD

For current or soon-to-be-enrolled M.A. students in the Department of Media and Information, we welcome applications for the Linked MA-to-PhD program.

If you are planning to pursue a Ph.D. or are considering doing so, this program is the perfect opportunity to get ahead in your education. Accepted students can apply up to 9 graduate credits towards the Ph.D. program for qualifying Level-900 research method course work taken at Michigan State University. Students in this program need only complete 33 course credits instead of 42 to complete the Ph.D, in addition to the 24 dissertation credits.

Required courses:

ADV 975 Quantitative Research Design 3

Theory (One of the following):

  •     ADV 921 Media Theory or                                                                                                                3
  •     MI 960 Media and Technology or                                                                                                  3
  •     CAS 992 Seminar with “theory” designation                                                                              3

Methods Specialty (One of the following):

  •     JRN 916 Qualitative Research Methods                                                                                       3
  •     MI 985 Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Media                                                                      3

Plan A thesis, Plan B project, or Independent Study research project                                             3-6

Total: 12-15

The required courses may be taken as electives or, with the approval of advisors, as substitutes for required MA-Level theory and methods courses. A grade of 3.0 must be obtained in each of the required courses to complete the specialization.

Interested Media and Information graduate students meeting these requirements should contact their advisors.

For more information on the Ph.D. program in Media and Information, visit our website.