Media and Information Management Concentration

The transcriptable Media and Information Management (MIM) concentration is designed for students and industry professionals, who wish to gain skills in applying new information and communication technologies in organizations. Not only will you learn about the technologies and their operation, your coursework will focus on how to use them to build sustainable organizations and implement superior competitive strategies. Many of our students become entrepreneurs and others find employment from small to very large businesses and corporations.

You will complete the following coursework:

Both of the following courses:

Three of the following courses:

Additional elective coursework at the 400-level or above to meet the 30 credits required for the degree.

Students in the MIM concentration have two additional options for completing elective course work. They are:

+ Information Policy and Society (IPS) Cognate

The IPS cognate is designed for MA students interested in pursuing a PhD in the areas of technology policy or social impacts of new technologies. MIM students with an interest in IPS can take this cognate as an option to complete their elective credits in the MIM concentration.

Both of the following courses:

One of the following courses:

+ Management of Information Technology Specialization

The specialization is designed to provide multiple perspectives on how information and communication technology affect the workplace, and how these technologies can be implemented in effective ways. Students will train for roles in organizations where they will be designing, implementing and evaluating information and communication technology. Areas of focus include business processes, the interaction of social and technical systems within organizations, design of information technology systems, and evaluation of technology within organizations. This specialization is based upon a cooperation between the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media, and the Department of Accounting and Information Systems in the Eli Broad College of Business.

All of the following courses:

Two of the following courses:

To enroll in ACC courses, students need to submit an override request to the Broad College of Business by completing the online form on this webpage:

The information enclosed here should be viewed as a general overview of the academic program for this degree. It should not be viewed as the final authority on degree requirements. Make sure to consult your academic advisor to clear your specific program of study.