The Specialization in Management for Information Technology is designed to provide multiple perspectives on how information and communication technology affect the workplace, and how these technologies can be implemented in effective ways.

Students will train for roles in organizations where they will be designing, implementing and evaluating information and communication technology. Areas of focus include business processes, the interaction of social and technical systems within organizations, design of information technology systems and evaluation of technology within organizations.

To enroll in ACC courses, students need to submit an override request to the Broad College of Business by completing the online form.


Students must apply to the department in writing, and fill out a plan of study prior to admission to the specialization.

Requirements for the Graduate Specialization in Management of Information Technology

1. All of the following courses (9 credits):

  • ACC 821 Enterprise Database Systems 3
  • MI 861 Media and Information Technologies in Organizations 3
  • MI 862 Managing Digital Enterprises 3

2. Two courses selected from the following (6 credits):

  • ACC 822 Information Systems Project Management 3
  • ACC 823 Advanced Enterprise Database Systems 3
  • ACC 825 Object-Oriented Business Information Systems 3
  • ACC 826 Enterprise Information Systems 3
  • ACC 843 Value Chain Accounting and Analytics 3
  • ACC 890 Independent Study 3
  • ITM 881 Network Analytics 3
  • MKT 829 Marketing Technology and Analytics


Questions? For more information, contact:

Casey O’Donnell
Associate Professor, Media and Information
(517) 884-4538