Program Requirements

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Policies and Procedures

MI MA Academic Handbook: This resource will tell you everything you need to know about the requirements for the completion of the MA degree in Media and Information.

Request for Dual Enrollment Status

Fill out this form and return to the Department of Media & Information Graduate Studies Office (425 CAS).

Required RCR training

ALL Graduate students — regardless of academic path (thesis, non-thesis) — are required to participate in RCR training. However, the specific requirements for the training is dependent on several factors (e.g., M.A. vs Ph.D., thesis vs non-thesis, federal funding).

The specific requirements (and a list of upcoming trainings) can be found on our College website by searching CAS RCR or by going to:
Additional resources and upcoming trainings can also be found at the graduate school’s RCR website by searching for MSU RCR or by going to::

Training must be done in person. Tracking of attendance in the workshop will be done by using a card reader and the student’s MSU ID card.


Note: Depending on your plan of study, you may or may not need some of the forms listed below.

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