Frequently Asked Questions regarding the MA Program


1. What if I didn’t do so well during my first year as an undergrad?

The Reviewing Committee places greater emphasis on the final two years of undergraduate studies. In addition, the Committee considers the entire application packet prior to making a decision, which includes any information regarding any time period during which your academic performance suffered as clarified in your personal statement, your understanding of the subject matter and relevance to your career goals as evident through your academic statement, and the strength of the letters of recommendation received in support of your application.

2. I have several questions about various topics; where I should I start looking for answers online?

In continuing our efforts to improve service to students, parents, faculty, and staff, we are excited to share with you “Ask Sparty”. The Ask Sparty tool/knowledgebase can be used to answer general questions from Financial Aid, Admissions, Student Accounts/Loans Receivables, and the Office of the Registrar. You can access Ask Sparty in the following ways (note: the “Ask Sparty” search engine may be located either at the top or the bottom of the webpage):

If you have any questions please request to speak with an Ask Sparty-Intelliresponse Liaison within the appropriate office (Financial Aid, Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, and or Student Accounts/Loans Receivables).

Have Questions? Ask Sparty!


1. I’m an international student but I graduated from an English-speaking school system where I took the SATs. Do I still need to take the GRE and TOEFL or IELT?

a. Yes. Either the TOEFL or IELT is required.
b. You can request a GRE waiver, which may be approved depending on various pieces of information made available through your application packet. Hence, your application would need to be initiated and complete with respect to all other items required before the Committee can consider your request to waive the GRE. Please note: such requests are seldom approved.

2. What is the international student tuition for the program?

Please use the university’s online tuition calculator on:
As an approximate reference, your 1-semester (9 graduate credits) amount total for tuition, fees, and housing is $11,110. For the M.A. degree, you are required to complete 30 graduate credits, which are typically completed in 20 months, or in 16 months if able to take course(s) in the Summer Session too. Please note that these fees can change, so be sure to check the official calculator, linked above.

3. Are their financial aid options for international students?

Financial Aid is restricted to domestic students. However:

  • All graduate students can apply for scholarships based on either merit or financial need, which are made available every April to current students;
  • All graduate students can be hired on either teaching or research assistantships;
  • International students can be hired to work on-campus during their studies (and off-campus for up to 18-months upon graduation); and
  • All graduate students can receive funding to support their participation in degree-related conferences.