Dual Enrollment for any MSU B.S./B.A. + M.A. Degree in Media & Information

Students from any undergraduate major at MSU may apply for dual enrollment admission to the M.A. Media & Information (M&I) degree program. When you are dually enrolled, up to 9 credits of the required 30 credits for a Masters degree can be shared with the requirements of your undergraduate degree.

This opportunity allows students to complete the required coursework in just 12 months, and results in significant cost savings in both direct (e.g., tuition fees) and indirect (e.g., housing) expenses during their studies.

In addition, students who are under-enrolled in the final semester of their undergraduate studies can take additional credits and have them count towards the graduate degree program only; course credit fees will be assessed at the graduate tuition rate.

Note: Admitted international students, who have never taken MSU’s English Language Test (ELT), will be required to take this test before they can enroll in graduate degree coursework. Depending on test scores (i.e., overall score and sub-scores in Reading/Writing/Speaking/Listening), English as a Second Language (ESL) courses may be required before enrolling in degree coursework.

Eligibility of courses to be shared between the BS/BA and MA programs (i.e., ‘double-count’)

Any 400-level course can ‘double-count’ if

  • It is taken after the student has been admitted and dual enrolled in the M.A. Media & Information degree program (i.e., you cannot use courses already completed in earlier semesters).
    • For example: If you are an undergraduate student in CSE and plan on taking CSE 482 in Fall Semester 2019 and wish to use that course to share (i.e., double count) 3-credits with the 30 required credits of the MA M&I degree, then your dual enrollment status should begin no later than Fall 2019 and you must apply for dual enrollment before the start of Fall 2019.
  • A grade of 3.0 or higher has been earned.
    • Note: Internships and courses with a Pass/Fail evaluation cannot ‘double-count’.
  • It is not applied to another graduate degree program at MSU.
  • The total number of approved credits to be shared between the two programs does not exceed 9.

Application Process

To apply for dual enrollment, please follow the general application requirements outlined here, noting the following exceptions:

  • Academic statement: please ensure to indicate your major and the anticipated final semester of your undergraduate studies. Also, indicate which semester you wish to begin your dual enrollment; this can be any semester after you have earned 87 credits or more.
  • Personal statement: please ensure to indicate that you are applying for dual enrollment  with the M.A. M&I degree program, along with your preferred focus area (one of the following four options): (i) User Experience; (ii) Games, Film, and Transmedia Production; (iii) Management; (iv) Policy & Society.
  • Dual Enrollment form: Complete the form (see below) indicating which courses you plan on having ‘double-count’. When you upload the form, it will ask for a type of document; use type certificate. These shared credits will officially only be in your undergraduate degree, and the credits will be shared (i.e., double counted) with the required 30 credits for your M.A. M&I degree program.
  • Follow up with the Graduate Secretary in the M&I Department (tcma@msu.edu OR in person in 425 CAS) to ensure that your application has been received and is complete.
  • Transcripts: You do not need to submit your university transcripts, as the Department will request them from MSU’s Office of the Registrar directly on your behalf.
  • Application deadline: You must apply prior to the start of your final semester of your undergraduate studies, and be in the process of completing at least 86 credits. Hence, it is recommended you apply by the end of your Junior year of your undergraduate studies.

Request for Dual Enrollment Status

Fill out this form and upload it as Certificate during your online application.

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